Come for Nostrica, stay for more Nostr hacking

March 22-23
10am - 6pm + dinners offsite
@Awake Uvita, Costa Rica




Split across winners sponsored by Hard Yaka


DWeb '23 Tickets

For 1st place


Verse Podcast Interview

For 2nd place


First Edition

For all winners

Goals and Themes

Our collective goal is to advance the infrastructure of the Nostr and foster inclusive connections and collaboration in the community.

Projects should benefit the entire ecosystem. Projects should relate to one or more of our 3 themes, but don't have to.

Theme 1

Relays Services, Relay Management, & Cloud Services

Theme 2

Nostr beyond the reverse chronological feed. (Music, CRDTs, AR, Geolocation, etc.)

Theme 3

New NIPS. Draft it. Demo it.
A photo of a beach in Costa Rica

Criteria & Rules

You don’t need to attend Nostrica! Maybe you just want to come down for us ;-)

At least 1 member of the team needs to be present (up to 2 can be remote)

It CAN be an existing project as long as meaningful progress or extension can be demonstrated

We will have product and design mentors available to support teams throughout the 2 days

Submission must be in the form of a publicly accessible blog post explaining the project and outcomes.

You must abide by our community terms and norms: DWeb and Major League Hacking are our baseline. No harassment of any kind is tolerated. All are expected to be responsible for their impact, regardless of intentions. Contact Peter Shanley or Daniel Latorre about any issues.

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