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A Nostr client for humans, not algorithms.

A screenshot of the Nos app open in the Discovery screen, surrounded by multiple types of notes

Social media by and for the people

Safety first

Basic safety features: mute, report, content warnings, and delete.

Scuttlebutt's "2 hops" algorithm restricts your view in most places to people you follow and the people they follow. This creates a safety net against spam and abuse that works similarly to social circles in the real world.

A screenshot of the Nos app open in the Thread view, displaying an overlay on a note from an unknown user
A screen shot of the Nos app showing the relay selector for content discovery


Instead of a single universal space, Nos helps create more scoped community focused social media.

Building a healthy commons together

Open Source, Open Society. Look under the hood at how Nos is built and roll up your sleeves to add to the app yourself.

Open Source

Nos and Nostr are open source. Transparency is real when you can read and modify the source code.

Get involved!

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A screenshot of the Nos app open in the Discover screen

Come change social media with us

Join us building the most exciting social networking space since the Internet. Nos is our Nostr client for humans, not algorithms.

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Relay Servers

Write and read content from the relays of your choice.


Nostr Libraries

No other social media protocol has the breadth and depth of developer engagement building the protocol.


Nostr Clients

An open system can't exist with a couple of clients funding and controlling all the code.

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Nostr continues to steadily gain new users.